The wisdom that any living being consists of more than one soul has been known to shamans all over the world since ever. As it happens with all shamanic practices they differ a little bit one from the other, depending on where shamans live. Even among Siberian and Mongolian shamans those practices vary, but there is one common denominator for all of them: our soul’s system is complex and as a psychopomp we should be able to take care of all of them.

We never work alone – we shall meet our Psychopomp Teacher and Guide who will stay with you and support you during the entire course and, later on, during any your Ceremony. This teacher knows everything about three Realms and where we go after leaving our physical body and will reveal to you your personal wisdom.

Three soul’s pieces, each of them carrying on a different task within us: one stores our earthy experiences and the wisdom of our blood ancestors. The second one is responsible for our connection with Spirits of the Nature and the third one is strictly connected with the Universal Wisdom. All of them reside in us and are necessary for our physical life. And each of them comes back to a different realm once we leave our physical body: the Lower, the Middle and the Upper World. Let’s learn more about it together.

Animals are particularly sensitive to the presence of the soul’s part that remain as  Sprits of the Nature in order to protect us. I will share with you my personal story now, that happened in September 2021, three months after my husband’s death.

[September 2021] Massimo left three months ago (July 4th ) and I did three ceremonies for his souls, accompanying them as far as spirits let me. Then he followed the Spirits.

Yes, I admit I was quite sad these days, and I missed our physical contact.

We know that each soul piece goes to a different world and one of them remains in the Middle World as a protective Spirit of whom he loved.

Time ago Massimo and me we planted an olive tree as this is what his Spirits asked him while we were working with his ancestors. It turned into his portal to the Non Ordinary Reality. 


Right these days when I opened myself to the sorrow, Kira started digging in furious way close to the olive tree. Day by day she dag a really huge hole. And you should see how determined she was digging it.

I had no heart to stop her and I let her do this, but – the more I was ignoring her, the more she was concentrated digging and watching me if I was paying attention.

Only two nights ago, during our small personal ceremony with two other friends, she just laid down in the hole, she was going out and then laying down inside barking and drawing our attention.

All three of us got in the same moment the same message: “She is telling us, the Middle World Soul of Massimo is here, in this olive tree.” Even the girl who knows nothing about three souls said that she was telling us Massimo was with us.

We proceeded with the ceremony of course inviting Massimo’s soul into the circle [I will skip personal details].

Well, from the day after, Kira is ignoring totally the hole, she was just so busy to remind me this message.

And from this day I can feel Massimo’s presence with us as our Protective Spirit. One part of his soul will stay with us forever.