How a Husky female dog got back her real name

I was contacted by a girl from Poland. Her name is Greta and she is saving Husky dogs from various and disastrous situations.

This female dog was found still close to her dead puppies. She was still protecting them and she was still producing milk.

There were clear signs of abuse on her entire body. One of her paw fingers was cut off. Wounds.

After her being rescued she trusted nobody, she was letting herself go. Here comes the link

to the original article in Polish

I was asked both to help her and to ask her with what name she would like to be called.

Many things happened during the shamanic journey: Spirits accompanied the souls of the puppies back to the Source, her soul pieces were retrieved. And much, much more.

And then – the wonderful thing happened:

When I asked Spirits about her name – two monkeys came and started playing fool with her. They were eating apples. And when they handed apples to the dog – she ate them as if there was no tomorrow. After she had eaten plenty of them, she started running around the Sacred Circle with joy and Spirits were chanting the word  “Mela… Mela… Mela..”

Now, I have to explain something : “Mela” means in Italian an apple, but in Polish we call this fruit “jabłko” and the sound “Mela” has no meaning in Polish. Nevertheless I told Greta to call the Husky female “Mela”.

The next day Greta went to see her and did so. The very moment the Husky female heard this word, she lifted her head and ran towards Greta!

So – this is it: please meet Mela! She is whole again, ready to open the new chapter of her life with the awareness and pride of a true Husky female!

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Ciao ciao