The generosity of Spirits

I went with two my friends into the forest yesterday morning. They asked me some shamanic treatment for themselves. So first we greeted the Spirits of the place, put some offerings and then I did a treatment for them.

It was hot, so hot that, although we were hungry we could barely eat our lunch.

Since I used the Egg as you may see in the first photo I just said “lets try to make another journey, We will just connect to the four directions, connecting ourselves, feeling the connection of our physical body to each portal and we will surrender to the Helping Spirits. Then, you will be shown the source of your personal connection, it will be the Universal Egg. Only then, we will ask the Spirits for some wind here, for some fresh air. We will invite the Air Spirit to dance with and for us a little here.”

They knew nothing about the Egg Spirit, but… after half an hour we had to escape..

Spirits were more generous than we could even ask for. We were driving back home surrounded by heavy rain and thunders.. And when I came back home I found the entire town without current..

I guess we must be very precise when working the Universal Egg, I wanted them to ask only the Spirit of the Air to dance a little but one of them admitted she was thinking also about the rain..